I tried applying patch #4, but I was getting an error. That's why didn't prov...

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I tried applying patch #4, but I was getting an error. That's why didn't provided interdiff.

git apply -v 3312636-4-reroll.patch Checking patch core/themes/olivero/css/components/details.css... error: while searching for: /* Width of the entire grid maxes out. */ :root { --details-border-width: 1px; --details-summary-transition: background-color 0.12s ease-in-out; } .olivero-details { display: block; margin-block: var(--sp1); color: inherit; border: var(--details-border-width) solid var(--color--gray-95); border-radius: var(--border-radius); box-shadow: 0 1px 4px var(--color--gray-90); } /* Details summary styles */ .olivero-details__summary { position: relative; padding-block: var(--sp1); padding-inline-start: var(--sp2); padding-inline-end: var(--sp1); list-style: none; cursor: pointer; transition: var(--details-summary-transition); word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-hyphens: auto; hyphens: auto; color: inherit; background-color: var(--color--gray-100); font-size: var(--line-height-s); font-weight: 700; line-height: var(--sp1); } /* Arrow icon */ .olivero-details__summary:before { position: absolute; inset-block-start: 50%; inset-inline-start: var(--sp0-75); display: block; width: 0.625rem; height: 0.625rem; content: ""; transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(45deg); /* LTR */ border-top: solid 2px currentColor; border-right: solid 2px currentColor; error: patch failed: core/themes/olivero/css/components/details.css:23 error: core/themes/olivero/css/components/details.css: patch does not apply Checking patch core/themes/olivero/css/components/details.pcss.css...

I have replaced transition: background-color 0.2s; with

--details-summary-transition: background-color 0.12s ease-in-out; transition: var(--details-summary-transition);

Also, replaced margin: calc(2 * var(--details-spacing-unit)) calc(1.5 * var(--details-spacing-unit)); with margin: var(--sp1-5) var(--sp2); in the patch.

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