Hey Guys,
I really need some help here. I have been trying to work with uberc...

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Hey Guys,

I really need some help here. I have been trying to work with ubercart + paypal wpp + uc_recurring to have recurring payments working for me. But I am still not able to get it work.

I have Installed all the modules under Ubercart - recurring package, have enabled Credit Card and Paypal module too. I have enabled the Credit Card payment method with WPP gateway, In Payment Gateways I have enabled Paypal WPP and filled in the API credentials and lastly have checked Credit card (paypal_wpp) in Recurring tab and also have the Enable triggered renewals, Attempt to process recurring fees during checkout options ON.

The issue is, when I try to checkout a product the checkout happens, but I am not able to simulate the recurring charge.

I am familiar with Authorize.net, and here to simulate recurring we click on the charge link. For my particular order (using paypal) I can see the next charge date correctly set to according to my recurring interval, but instead of the charge link there is a Create Profile link, and when I try to create one it gives me the following error.

Unknown column 'billing_assigned' in 'field list' query: UPDATE uc_recurring_users SET billing_assigned = 1 WHERE rfid = 1 in /var/www/uc_test/sites/all/modules/contrib/uc_recurring/modules/uc_recurring_hosted/uc_recurring_hosted.module on line 1331.

I tried to check the DB there is no such column there, in fact there is no reference of any column named "billing_assigned" in entire ubercart.

can someone pls point me in the right direction ?


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